Why is The Tempo Traveller The Best Option For a Bigger Family?

It can be really difficult when you have a large family and all of you want to go together but due to the larger numbers settle for two cars and more expense. Trust us, and opt for the better route and that is hiring a tempo traveller in Chandigarh instead. If you are planning to explore locales close to Chandigarh with your entire family then it is best to go for a tempo traveler.

Many leading travel agencies offer 14 seater tempo hire in Chandigarh to have the element of comfort and wonderful options to make your travel smooth and trouble free. Most of the companies offering rental tempo traveller in Chandigarh give you competitive features that will ensure you do not have to look for other options and all this at competitive rates. Let us recount some features that the travel agencies offer when you opt for the 14 seater tempo hire in Chandigarh.

  • The seats are push back patterns that offers good leg space. This is an important feature because obviously you do not want to sit in uncomfortable position throughout the journey.

  • The option of AC as well as non-AC tempo is available at your disposal. It is better to opt for the AC version because if it gets cold you always have the option to switch it off, but when heat waves hit you, AC is surely a better option if your budget allows.

  • The companies dealing with tempo traveller in Chandigarh also offer effective and good quality sound system for you to feel entertained.

  • The 14 seater tempo hire in Chandigarh also provides HD LED screen where you can watch movies of your choice.

  • These tempos are very well equipped with first aid box and most companies for hiring tempo traveler in Chandigarh also offer ice box.

  • The companies also give options to you to take the journey with a on bus conductor and the guide to take you through the scenic beauty in entirety.

  • Wi-Fi and 4G internet facility also available
  • Mobile and laptop charger units are also provided so that you can also keep in touch with friends and other family. We would like you to keep office away but the laptop charger is provided for those urgent emails.

  • The tour operator cum guide cum conductor is well versed with many languages including international languages. The tour is suitable for both domestic as well as international tourists.

  • The tempo traveler is also cost effective that will not dig a hole in your pocket.

It is imperative that you try to convince the booking agent to provide you with all the facilities that they would also provide to an international tourist. Your ulterior motive is a stress free journey with modern comfort at your disposal so that you can also recommend the same to your other friends. To experience that satisfaction and delight don’t forget to catch the best player who gives the 14 seater tempo hire in Chandigarh.

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