Innova Vs 17 Seater Tempo Traveller on Rent in Chandigarh : Which one is ideal?

Thousands of local tourists and foreigners are coming every month to Chandigarh to explore the architecture and beauty of this well planned urban city. Mini buses and tempo travelers are becoming one of the most preferred options. Regardless of the size of the group, you can enjoy sightseeing with total comfort and privacy of having your own vehicle. For larger groups booking 17 seater tempo traveller on rent in Chandigarh is the smartest decision for sightseeing.

Friends and family can travel together in a tempo traveller having seating capacity of maximum 26 people. Besides, for smaller groups the most luxurious option is to book Innova on hire in Chandigarh.

There is not much difference between the quoted fare for tempo traveller and Innova. This makes most of the tourists confused about making the right choice. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the most ideal companion for your road trips.

Seating Capacity: Leading travel and transport companies can provide you both tempo traveller and Innova on hire in Chandigarh. A bit obvious, tempo traveller is ideal for a larger group of people. In an Innova car only 7 average sized people can travel. Besides, you can also consider tempo traveller for the same size of the group, in case you have higher number of bags that are too much for Innova.

A tempo traveller provides seating capacity of up to 26 average sized people. Besides, there is more room for stretching and putting your bags in a traveller van. Travellers are like mini buses, so if you still wish to get Innova on hire in Chandigarh then make sure to book one with ample arrangements for your luggage.

Comfort: In terms of comfort, both Innova and tempo traveller have their own perks. On one hand, Innova is a luxury option when it comes to seating position and air conditioning facility. Whereas, you can’t deny the fact that there are recliner chairs in tempo travellers these days. In addition to this, you get lots of space to stretch or move around in a Tempo Traveller.

Get an air conditioned Innova on hire in Chandigarh if you wish to spend some quality time in lavishness. Or for longer trips, tempo traveller would be more comfortable in order to stretch your arms and legs from time to time.

Safety: Both the options are great in terms of safety. Your safety will not be compromised unless you get your vehicle like Innova on hire in Chandigarh from a reputed travel agency. The latest models of tempo travellers are also designed with safety seat belts. So be assured, both Innova and Tempo Travellers can be selected on basis of this point.

Fare: These days the fare range offered for Tempo Traveller and Innova on hire in Chandigarh is almost the same. Depending on the model, air conditioning system, and other luxurious facilities the fare may go up for both the models.

Although you need to spend around INR 13 to INR 15 per kilometer for Innova on hire in Chandigarh and to book a Tempo Traveller, the fare goes around INR 15 per kilometer.

Final Verdict

For better air conditioning, getting Innova on hire in Chandigarh is a luxurious option. For longer trips tempo travellers are more comfortable. If you have lesser luggage then book Innova and for larger groups going on long tours, 17 seater Tempo traveller is the ideal choice.

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