Different vehicles given for hiring by the agencies involved

There are more than 170 car hire locations in the country and when you are on the lookout for the best car hire in Chandigarh it is important to understand that you need to pick from a crowd. If you are an adventure lover, and a thrill seeker, I am sure you obviously always look out for self-driven cars just to explore by the country-side. There are many agencies and companies that provide car hire in Chandigarh but it is best we also know about what options they are providing us to get the better out of best.

Remember, companies involved in car hiring also are engaged in taxi service in Chandigarh as an alternate source of income generation. Some of the options that are available are:

SUV The SUV range of cars are actually selling like hot cakes for care hire in Chandigarh. They are preferred vehicles for family and office outings. These cars are also used as a cab or taxi service in Chandigarh wherein many outsourcing offices employ the services of an SUV for employee pick and drop.

Mini bus For those extended family trips with loads of people car hire in Chandigarh also gives you the option to hire a mini-bus for a hassle free ride. The mini-bus is usually a 12 seater version that will enable at least two families to come in and enjoy the vacation.

Tempo travelerClose on the heels of a mini-bus, a tempo traveler is increasingly gaining popularity amongst families and friends for outward trips. Any company involved in car hire in Chandigarh can easily fine tune its offerings within the vehicle. The best part about it all is that there are 12, 14 and 18 seater versions also available for the vehicle.

Luxury Sedan There are many families who can afford the luxury of an elaborate Sedan just because you want to combine style, luxury and comfort in your journey. The Mercedes is in top demand amongst agencies for car hire in Chandigarh.

Hatchbacks Depending upon your budget and distance you can also go for hatchbacks. For long distances this is surely not recommended because they might prove to be very uncomfortable. But even in your limited budget, car hire in Chandigarh will lay out their best plans in front of you.

Many a times companies for Car hire in Chandigarh lose out on business due to an off season when it comes to holidaying, hence employ their otherwise vacant cars gainfully under the net of taxi service in Chandigarh. On a regular basis, companies use their vehicles to provide companies for regular pick up and drop facilities. Regular taxi hiring by a local also is included in their service where they charge competitive rates. Airport taxi service is one of the most profitable sides of taxi service which the car hiring companies exploit to the hilt.

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